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I’m still shaken by the news.

Once again, this is not what I expected.

For the last several months of my pregnancy I knew what we were having. Not because we saw evidence on a sonogram.  I knew. My brilliant intuition shouted daily, “you’re having a boy!”  My special, super-natural, mysterious feminine insight allowed a Mona Lisa smile and agreed, “forget pink, sister.”

So I did.  I trusted my “gut” completely.  (It was 3-0, remember?) I let my mind wander when my husband suggested girl names.  I stock-piled boy clothes and day-dreamed about my son teaching his little brother how to wrestle. I snickered with relief when my cousin had her third daughter.  Relief because such an excess happened to someone else.

 Whew! Thank goodness that’s not me!  I need a little more balance in my life! 

Now, four weeks after I stared up in shock at my husband when the doctor announced, “a beautiful baby girl!” I have a few things to say about having three girls:

  1. It’s wonderful.
  2. We totally outnumber the boys!
  3. I love pink.
  4. “Balance” is highly over-rated.
  5. “Girl time with Mommy” (professional pedicures and Starbucks) just got a little more expensive.
  6. I’m in love (again.)

Z, darling, you are the best surprise I’ve ever received!



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