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I’m still shaken by the news.

Once again, this is not what I expected.

For the last several months of my pregnancy I knew what we were having. Not because we saw evidence on a sonogram.  I knew. My brilliant intuition shouted daily, “you’re having a boy!”  My special, super-natural, mysterious feminine insight allowed a Mona Lisa smile and agreed, “forget pink, sister.”

So I did.  I trusted my “gut” completely.  (It was 3-0, remember?) I let my mind wander when my husband suggested girl names.  I stock-piled boy clothes and day-dreamed about my son teaching his little brother how to wrestle. I snickered with relief when my cousin had her third daughter.  Relief because such an excess happened to someone else.

 Whew! Thank goodness that’s not me!  I need a little more balance in my life! 

Now, four weeks after I stared up in shock at my husband when the doctor announced, “a beautiful baby girl!” I have a few things to say about having three girls:

  1. It’s wonderful.
  2. We totally outnumber the boys!
  3. I love pink.
  4. “Balance” is highly over-rated.
  5. “Girl time with Mommy” (professional pedicures and Starbucks) just got a little more expensive.
  6. I’m in love (again.)

Z, darling, you are the best surprise I’ve ever received!



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Your Vote Counts!

Ok, so perhaps it counts only for my own amusement, but that’s a worthy enough cause, right?

Our trouble-making little one is slated to arrive in just days and we still don’t know the gender.  Now, our kids have cast their votes (pretty much along gender lines with a “one of each” thrown in by one little turkey) because we like  for them to feel included.   Here’s your chance!

 If you don’t want to make a blind guess, I can give you some information that is absolutely no help whatsoever.  First, I always have a really strong feeling about what I am having, and so far, my intuition is 3-0.  Second, I bought a lot of blue stuff the other day, but I’m not removing the tags and washing it until after Wednesday.  Third, we have name options for both genders. 

So what do you think?


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Present Perfect

presentBaby number four is five days away and we still don’t know the gender.  For the fourth time, we chose the wait-and-be-suprised option.  It’s fun!  It’s like receiving a wrapped gift and being told not to open it for nine months. 

( A gift that grows a little every week and causes indigestion, fatigue and periodic mental distraction.)

I know the suspense is too much for some people; we who choose to wait are in the minority.  Believe me, I know.  Because the same friends and family who cannot wait to know about their own baby get a little antsy about mine!

With every pregnancy I’ve had several people moan and complain, “I can’t stand it!  How am I ever going to wait until you have your baby?”  or “You’re killing me with this suspense!  Are you sure you don’t want to find out?”   After I politely suggest that they get a life, I assure them that yes, we are really going to wait.  (Just kidding on that get-a-life part, though I may have suggested a hobby or two.)

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I confess that with our third child I wanted to “find out” before the baby was born.  We had twice waited the full forty weeks to open our present and I thought it would be fun to experience a pregnancy the other way, knowing the whole time what we were having, calling my growing bump by name and getting to know her before we ever saw her. 

The suggestion was not well-received.  Considering his horrified response, I might have said to my husband, “Hey, you know, we’ve already got two cute little kids.  Why don’t we just pass this one off to the highest bidder when it’s born?”

So number three was also a surprise.  Until the moment she was delivered my husband and I wondered if we would soon hold a baby girl or boy.  It was exhilarating when finally the bows and paper were torn away  as the doctor cried, “It’s a girl!”  

Waiting to see,


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