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When I was pregnant with my first baby, a good friend suggested that I start buying diapers well ahead of my due date.  I don’t remember her rationale for doing so, but I followed her advice! 

Babies: small parts, big changes.

I purchased two to four packages of diapers a month, starting in the middle of my second trimester.  I had a nice stockpile by the time my baby was born! Here is why I recommend it: 

Preparation boosts confidence.  Every action you take to get ready for the baby boosts your self-confidence as parents.  It’s good to feel “ready”.  Building up many week’s worth of diapers feels “really ready!” 

It’s one less concern.  Instead of  running to the store for a package of diapers when your baby is a week and a half old, you can do more worthy things with your time. Get to know the newest member of the family.  Grab sleep when you can.  Chat on the phone with all of your well-wishers.  Go get a pedicure.  Call your big sister and tell her that you would never have survived pregnancy without her timely, brilliant advice.  

You can get used to the expense.  Frankly, I was shocked when I took my first stroll down that foreign aisle stocked with rows of diapers, wipes, soaps, lotions and pureed human food.  Was it possible that it cost that much for disposable infant underwear?  At the time, we kept a strict grocery store budget of $50.00 per week.  A month’s worth of diapers increased that amount by just over 50%–if we bought the store brand. The first month that I purchased diapers, I bought only one package (about a week’s worth).  The next month I bought two.  By the time our baby arrived I was buying one package a week and we had adjusted to our new budget. 

It’s fun to shop for your baby!  It feeds the excitement, the giddy, joyful anticipation of that sweet little person you are waiting to meet.  Yes, even something as utilitarian as diapers contributes to the fun. 

There are other consumables such as wipes and formula that I also suggest stocking early.  Start slow if you like.  Ease into it.  Most of all, enjoy the preparation! 




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