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Ever have what you consider  a routine event turn unexpectedly complicated? 

I am pregnant with my fourth child and when I have a baby, I expect something like this:

1.  My doctor confirms a baby is on the way.

2.  I grow a bit more cumbersome (ok, so I get big, big pregnant.)

3.  Somewhere in the vicinity of my due date, I have a baby.

Please note what was not on the list: a concerned doctor, extended monitoring, additional sonograms with a perinatologist, extended monitoring in the hospital, and hospital bed rest.

This baby didn’t get the memo. 

Now I’m living what many mothers of young children only fantasize about:  hours alone by myself, and the freedom to read and sleep whenever I like, for as long as I like.  But there’s a teen-tiny problem. After ten straight days of this splendid isolation, I am  bored; so bored that I order food I don’t want just to break the monotony. I buff my nails every three hours and I’m considering taking two showers a day just for fun.  But first I thought I would try something more productive than excessive hygiene.

And so a blog is born.  Because I don’t plan on birthing anything else for at least two weeks.  

(Did you hear me, Baby?)


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