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If there comes a day when your eight glasses of water are hard to swallow, remember this post.  When you dread every drop of liquid because you know it means that you will wake up five times in the night to waddle to the bathroom, remember this:  it is preparation

I heard about it when I was pregnant with my first.  An older friend told me that the disrupted sleep is nature’s way of preparing a new mother for the first several months of motherhood, a sort of warm-up for those nights of broken, restless sleep.  I thought it was a brilliant theory!   But, after having four kids and mothering for several years, I think the frequent potty breaks get us ready for a lot more than just the first few months.

Consider this:  going to the bathroom once an hour is tedious and inconvenient.  You must stop what you are doing, use the restroom, readjust your lovely maternity garments, wash up, spend minutes checking out your preggo profile in the mirror to see if it’s changed in the past hour, then finally return to what you were doing.  It’s not like you have a choice, either! The bladder calls; you must respond.

That’s parenting, sister.  (Well, not the bladder part.)  Parenthood is strewn with endless mundane, sometimes mind-numbing tasks.  Through diapering and  potty training,  instilling good habits, tieing shoes, settling squabbles, helping with homework and always disciplining, a mother (and a father) is called to do the same thing over and over and over and over. 

I know. It doesn’t sound very fun.  Please keep reading!

Just as the incessant need to relieve yourself is a good thing for your body, the consistent, routine tasks of parenthood are good and necessary for your child.  Yes, it gets tedious (oh  believe me, it does!)  But one of the wonderful things about raising a child is that they are constantly maturing.  Their well-being and good health, that first smile and laugh, the first step, the first time they “help” you clean up; all of these are in great part due to your diligent care.  You constantly get to experience the reward of your work!

These rewards are a sweet (and necessary) boost when you are  cleaning soggy toast chunks out of their neck folds for the 273rd time.

So when you are visiting the ladies’ room for the fifth time (before noon), remember that you are a parent-in-training.  Like a professional athlete conditioning their body for competition, you are getting ready for a mighty big challenge.  Just remember, your reward is not  the top podium, a trophy, a medal or your face on a cereal box. 

It is simply the sweetest thing you will ever hold in your arms.




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I blame this post on the latte. Some of us can't hold our coffee.

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Don’t ever hesitate to call your doctor if you have a question.  Ever.  I’m feeling really very bossy about this right now, so if you’re not in the mood you might want to come back later or block me with security settings or something because it feels sort of like when I was twelve, you were six  and I knew everything.  (I think I should have made that latte I ordered this morning a “tall” instead of a grande.) 

Okay, where was I?

Right. Calling your doctor.  If you have an absolutely fabulous doctor then she has already assured you that you can call any time you have a concern or question.  Do it!  Don’t ever talk yourself out of a phone call because:

  1.  “It’s a silly question.”
  2. “I should know this.”
  3.  “I should be able to figure this out on my own.”
  4.  “There’s no way I’m going to say that word out loud.”
  5.  “She’ll think I’m a complete idiot for asking that question.”

I’m going to ditch these objections  for you.

1.  It’s a silly question.  Really?  Why?  Because you think you should already know it?  Because you think everyone else probably knows this and has never called your doctor to ask it?  Not likely.  In fact, I would wager Grandmommy’s cake stand that someone has asked it before.  In fact, I challenge you to come up with a sincere, pregnancy-related question that your doctor has never heard!  Now, for the sake of argument I’ll admit that silly questions are possible.  If you called your doctor to ask, “What’s the likelihood that I’ll deliver a six-toed cat with black ears and a purple tail?” even I would call that silly.

2.  I should know this.  Why? You’ve never had a baby before!  Don’t trip yourself up with this one; it’s silly ill-advised.

3.  I should be able to figure this out. Well, if you let yourself go down that road, you just might convince yourself that you and the Hubs can ditch the doctor and deliver the baby yourself!  Seriously,  I know you’ve got a lot of great resources (ahem!) to consult when you want some information and I’m not suggesting that you ignore these, but just keep in mind that your doctor is the medical expert here.  She’s the ultimate resource. 

4.  I can’t say that word out loud.  Okay, I get this one, I really do.  Fortunately, if it’s a problem, you have a great vocabulary and can probably get the idea across without saying the actual, precise, completely mortifying, anatomically correct word. If not, drive to your doctor’s office and write it on paper or draw a picture.

5. She’ll think I’m an idiot.  I’ll make this brief:  (a) No she won’t. (b) If she does she’s too professional to show it. (c) If not “a” or “b”, then get a new doctor!  (On this point, please refer back to number one.)

The thing to keep in mind is that the doctor knows you are totally new at this. Guiding a first-time mom through all the little details is part of her job.

I’m so glad I got this out of my system!



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All the joy and wonder of pregnancy is happening for the first  time and it marks the transition in your life between without-a-child and Mommy.  Whether you end up with one or five kids, this is the only “first.”  So be greedy, grab with both hands and shovel in as much of these wonderful experiences as you possibly can.  You’ll never have another first pregnancy!

Moments to treasure…

Take many opportunities to laze around and do nothing. Such a luxury will be scarce for many years to come!

The ability to rest when you need to and sleep in when you can.  If another pregnancy is in your future, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the freedom to pamper yourself like you can now. (You’ll be taking care of another little one!) 

The opportunity to spend quality, uninterrupted time with your husband.  See above.

The physical changes.  Some are surprising, some are fun, and some may have you groping for your phone in the middle of the night to call your doctor. Still others may have you and your husband rolling on the floor with laughter. You might feel kind of strange sometimes or you might feel perfectly normal for nine months (except for all the internal gymnastics and increased waist line) or you might feel like that stretchy super hero mom in The Incredibles! Whatever you feel, treasure it. It’s all a sign that a life is growing in you–for the very first time!

All the fussing and attention you receive.  When I was pregnant with my first child, a friend gave me this advice and predicted, good-naturedly, “you’ll never be fussed over like this again!”  She was right!  While friends, family and even strangers  shared our joy and anticipation of the next three children, I was never again the focus of so much attention as I was during that  first pregnancy. Soak it up!

The extra curves.  I think this is self-explanatory! If not, ask your husband.

I can’t wait to hear about what you enjoy the most as your baby grows!



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