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Moving: All You Need to Know

packing boxesI set a few parameters for myself when I started this blog:  no mommy posts; no recipe posts; no clever tips and helpful hints.  Since I’ve already violated the first two,  let’s just go ahead and throw out that third restriction as well!

For the first time in my life, I  just completed a two-day trek across several states, moving my family and most of our worldly possessions several hundred miles.  I know this hardly makes me an expert, but I would like to offer three helpful suggestions. 

1.  Get a good pair of walkie-talkies.  This is an absolute necessity if your family is traveling in more than one vehicle. 

This is something like what my husband drove:


Approximate acceleration rate and maneuverability of a sleepy tortoise.

This is something like what I drove:


Approximate acceleration rate and maneuverability of a frisky Clydesdale. I led. I also had the sole GPS unit.


This is what my husband is used to driving each day:


Approximate acceleration rate and maneuverability of a cheetah.

Walkie-talkies are particularly important if, hypothetically speaking, the frisky clydesdayle gallops onto the highway and leaves the sleepy tortoise stranded at a red light.  Do your marriage a favor and get some walkie-talkies.

2.  Listen to your kids.  When your almost-three-year-old requests a bathroom stop, don’t tell them, “hold on, sweet-pea, it’s just thirty more miles to Memphis.”  Even if they have proven to possess an iron-clad bladder in the past.  Find a rest-stop.  Pull over to the side of the freeway. Hand them an empty water bottle.  But, please, listen to your kids.  

3.  Pack more than two outfits per person for a two-day trip.  (Please see tip number 2.) 

There you have it!  Just remember these three things and you too can successfully move your entire family from one side of the country to the other!


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I’ve lived all my life in the Lone Star state.  But this Thanksgiving, for the first time in 34 years, I will set my table outside of Texas.



We’re trading the humid flatlands of North Central Texas for the  hills and mountains of the Southeast.



This ain't Tejas, Toto.


 Amid the flurry of marketing our home and packing, and then taking a break to twiddle my thumbs in the hospital , I haven’t given a lot of thought to what I might miss.  I know I’ll miss family and friends.   Surely, leaving people behind is the hardest part.


But what about Texas?  Will I miss the accents, the Tex-Mex cuisine, the “here, you’re in God’s country!” mentality? 



Perhaps I'll long for sunsets that glow across the entire horizon with no pesky mountains to obstruct my view?


What do you think ?  Are you a Texas transplant, or have you lived outside of Texas and then moved back?  What did you miss?



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