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I know you’ve been feeling great.  I’m glad, glad, glad for you!  I felt healthy and energetic throughout my first pregnancy.  I always felt grateful that pregnancy seemed to give me an extra boost and didn’t slow me down.

I strongly recommend pre-natal yoga for every pregnant woman! I had several DVDs and they were always comfortable and effective. I also recommend pre-natal massage. But I never had one of those, so be sure to let me know how it feels!

It also made it really easy to exercise regularly, which I did.  You can find plenty of research-based articles sprinkled with quotes from experts, exhorting you to exercise while pregnant, outlining all the good reasons to do so.  Google it and they will appear!

Here’s why I did it:

  • To minimize weight gain
  • To maintain good circulation as the pregnancy added weight and blood volume to my body
  • T0 help me relax
  • To keep my body strong for labor/delivery and recovery
  • To avoid developing sedentary habits that might continue after the baby was born
  • To make it easier to drop the pregnancy weight after the baby was born

Throughout my first pregnancy I walked most days for about a half hour.  I also tried to do a pre-natal DVD two to three times a week.  I picked one up at Half-Priced books and it was so dated I think someone was wearing leg-warmers, which means it was actually a VHS.  It was corny and not terribly challenging, but it worked for me at that time.

My absolute favorite pre-natal DVD is Fusion Pilates for Pregnancy with Jennifer Giani.  It’s a bit long–I think it runs a full hour–and it’s just stretching and light toning, but it makes a pregnant body feel fabulous.  Giani has put together a fantastic series of stretches that hit all the typical problem areas.  (Hello, lower back and hip flexors, please don’t snap apart the next time I try to bend over!)

If you’re not sure what you want to do to keep active, flip through a Fit Pregnancy magazine or visit their website. My doctor’s office always had a free copy available; your doctor might as well. 

And if you’re nervous about exercising, chat with your doctor about it.  You might be surprised what the doctor will “okay”.  I was surprised to learn that I could continue running while pregnant.  But, despite approval from my doctor, I just couldn’t do it.  I tried to go for a light jog one day but kept imagining my miniscule child ricocheting off the walls of my uterus, losing SAT points with every impact.  It just wasn’t worth the stress! 

I advise movement.  You choose what it is, but do it consistently. Let me know if you need leg warmers and I’ll send you a pair.



PS:  I wish I had written this to myself when I was pregnant with my third and fourth!


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