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Golden Showers
This is the original, straight out of the camera. I was entranced. I spent minutes, whole minutes admiring what I had achieved with my little point-and-shoot. (And hoping I could remember how to do it again.) But then, I felt the tug…

It started with a simple crop. I wanted an eye full of those exquisite, creamy petals. Perfect! I'll never take another picture again.


Maybe I'll just run one teeny-tiny little action. "Sunshine" with the opacity of the light layer adjusted for a little less, well, "sunshine". Just a bit of a golden glow. Ah, now I remember why I like this so much!



One more, then I'll stop. "Soft and Faded". That's it, this is my favorite!

See?  I can stop when I want to.  I don’t have a problem!   Unless I’m in danger of crossing the line between enjoying one’s work and flagrant narcissism. 

But isn’t that what a blog is for?


PS:  These Photoshop effects were achieved almost exclusively through the use of these actions sets, courtesy of  The Pioneer Woman.



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Pink Knockout



Tea pot



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