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These days they're shocked when I put them on for something more active than a quick trip to the grocery store.

If you’re wondering how one can “sort of” run, just trust me, it’s very easy.  It goes something like this.

  • Wake up early one Saturday.
  • Notice that none of the kids are awake.
  • Notice that Autumn has arrived and she’s more beautiful than ever, so beautiful you might cry.  But you decide to run  instead.
  • Get into running gear in record time, as quietly as possible, before anyone can wake up and stop you.
  • Run. Run through a clear, crisp fall morning, past towering pines and know that you cannot stop this; you must run as often and as long as possible.  You must run several times a week!
  • Begin plans to shop for a double jogging stroller to accomodate kids too small to accompany you on bikes.
  • Run, still, filling your lungs with sweet, early morning air.
  • Decide that the 10-k race you saw advertised is just the goal you need to solidify your renewed commitment to regular running.  Ignore the fact that you haven’t run more than a mile without stopping in two years.  Ignore the fact that the 10-k is six weeks away.
  • Return home invigorated and determined.
  • Wake up early Monday morning rather sore and begin homeschool. 
  • Run with your kids during P.E. and wonder what happened to that Autumn-fresh feeling.
  • Manage to complete a mile before the kids are clamoring for the playground.
  • Experience relief that you didn’t fork over $300 for a jogging stroller.
  • Decide that you might enter a local 1-mile Fun Run/Walk with your kids.
  • Run when you can.

See, it’s easy! 

I have to admit, “sort of” is not the kind of running that I want to do.  “Sort of” lives in the same neighborhood as “mediocre” in my world.  But there are other things more important to me right now, other things that keep me from committing to three hours a week for running.  I know that one day these present commitments won’t be as pressing and my life will have room for bigger running goals. 

For now, I'll settle for what I can work in among greater priorities.

 In the meantime I enjoy what I have and run, sort of.


PS:    Fall is just as dangerous as Spring to a sporadic runner–those transitional seasons are intoxicating!


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We keep it simple.  I plan challenging physical activities, or the kids participate in organized, professionally directed programs.  Sometimes we do both!

A fun playground: climbing, swinging, sliding, running, rope ladders, balancing bars...the physical challenges are enough to keep them moving for at least an hour.

Playgrounds are a favorite P.E. location.  If the big kids get weary of their own play, I use the equipment to create obstacle courses and time them using the stop watch on my iPhone.  The young one is never bored!


Nature preserves are another favorite location.  Opportunities for physical challenges abound and the kids are eager to find them! 

Balancing Act: This kept them busy for quite some time, first walking then running then pretending to sword fight while running...

Of course, these locations have the added bonus of providing an outdoor classroom!  Sometimes I plan a science lesson or nature study to coincide with a good walk through the preserve.


In terms of organized sports, our kids have participated in indoor soccer, wrestling and dance.  But currently, I am directing their P.E. activities and having a great deal of fun doing so!  (Hint:  it’s even more fun if you participate!)  I’ll post a follow-up soon in which I will detail our P.E. plan for this semester.

Moving right along,


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