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I finally did it. 

For these, Shakespeare would have composed a sonnet. I'd give it a shot, but I'm too busy running off the two pans I consumed last week.

I first discovered the recipe several months ago on The Pioneer Woman’s site.  They looked incredible,  but seven pans of yeasty, cinnamon-sugary rolls dripping with maple, coffeee-laced frosting seemed a bit dangerous. 

Knowing my proclivity for all things sugar, cinnamon and coffee-flavored, I knew I could not make those rolls unless I was prepared to give away at least six pans.  That would leave one pan for my household:  half for my family and the other half for me! 

So, with my magnanimous plan in place, I got to work and produced my first ever cinnamon rolls.  Just as I feared, they were so delicious I had to wrench the pans from my own fingers in order to give them away.  In fact, only four pans made it out of my kitchen. Sweet, buttery, light rolls, a  simple cinnamon-sugar filling and a subtly flavored frosting that took the rolls from tasty to addictive.   (Seriously, I might need a 12-step program to deal with that frosting.)  And, just as I had hoped,  they were easy!  If you can pour, scoop, stir and play with play dough, you can make these cinnamon rolls.  

Though I fell in love with the frosting--worthy of its own sonnet, I thought this amount of frosting was just right; a generous drizzle rather than a drowning.

Please don’t be intimidated by the yeast.   Do you sometimes break out into a sweat just reading a recipe that calls for yeast?  The instructions often demand a precise temperature for the liquid. Do you fear nothing in your kitchen will ever go right again if you hit the wrong temp and kill your yeast?  The Pioneer Woman makes it simple:  the liquid needs to be lukewarm or warm, “not hot.”  Easy. No sweat!  The rest is all mixing, waiting, rolling and sprinkling.  

Now, based on what I gleaned from reading through many of the comments on The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon roll post, I guessed that the rolls would be a little two sweet for me. So I made the following adjustments: decreased the sugar in the actual rolls to 3/4 cup; reduced the sugar in the filling by 1/2; used only half of the frosting recipe to top the rolls. 

The result?  They were still a little two sweet for me.  Next time I make them I will try to further reduce the sugar as well as increase the cinnamon in the filling and the coffee in the icing. 

For the recipe and detailed illustrations of each step, visit here.  If you like cinnamon rolls, give it a shot.  The fragrance that will grace your home while these rolls bake is not to be missed! 


PS:  Not to beat a dead horse, but that frosting is too yummy to be limited to just topping cinnamon rolls. I can vouch that it’s a tasty dip for:  strawberries, bananas, apples, animal crackers, graham crackers,  and pretzels.


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